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🎉 Codable Web Development Tools for iOS released

iOS1 min read

After a few months of evening work and a lot of experimentation, I've released an iOS app.

Codable screenshot Codable screenshot Codable screenshot Codable screenshot Codable screenshot Codable screenshot

Codable provides three primary features:

  • resizable viewport with scaling, allowing you to view any URL as if you were on a smaller or larger iOS screen size
  • JavaScript console support
  • Rendered DOM node navigation and HTML/CSS manipulation

By my knowledge, there are two other functional apps on the iOS app store that do these same functions. It's a pretty niche use-case to want to do front-end web debugging and editing from mobile I know, but it's something I've wanted to do many times.

Codable leverages one API endpoint quite heavily and uniquely: WKWebView.evaluateJavaScipt()

If you click through on that link, you'll see that it isn't too detailed. There are no APIs for grabbing browser errors, the console, the pre-rendered source, or the rendered DOM. So, how do you grab it? Via JavaScript, from the above API. There is pretty much a constant stream of JS dom-query scripts being applied to the browser, and a JSON-ified node list script response is then captured coming out.

Go to Codable on the App Store

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