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Oh, hello there. This is my personal portfolio website, though it is rarely updated and mostly serves as the public front-end for a few random things I attach to this domain.

I'm a full-stack software developer, but I've gravitated toward front-end web and tend to be more of a "Product Engineer". I enjoy working in industries where I can apply general domain knowledge about the business and market I'm working in to better guide what I help develop.

I like the web. I view it as essential to have an open platform for applications, agnostic of a particular ecosystem, and with open standards to make the code portable between platforms. I've participated in Open Web Advocacy.

Some of my Previous Full-Time Work

  • Webflow
    • Webflow is a no-code website builder, where I am currently a Front-end dev on the Growth team.
  • MasterClass
    • MasterClass is an online learning video platform. As a member of the Growth Engineering team, I worked on deploying and managing A/B test experiemnts, and transitoned React pages served by Rails templates to a NextJS frontend with Rails API.
  • HitRecord Web
    • HitRecord as a service is a collaboration tool for users, focused on positivity and being a welcoming network. Behind the curtain, it is an Angular web front-end and native mobile clients powered by a Rails API. The web and mobile clients are new, clean, and we took pride in making them as good as they can be.
  • Event Farm
    • EventFarm is an experiential event management platform with third-party data import and export (such as Salesforce). I was focused on the front-end Angular and React products, developed an iOS app, and got to work with many great team members during my many years there.
  • Act-On
    • Act-On is a marketing automation platform, allowing the client to track an individual's progress in the lead-gen funnel and launch targeted marketing based on their behavior, and is designed to complement existing CRM solutions already in place by the client. As part of this team, I migrated from a customer support role, to a more "white-glove" developer support role, and finally to the developer team for the landing page and email builder tool.

For other side-project or "for fun" work I've published, see the Projects page, or GitHub.

Tools I use and self-hosted services this domain runs are listed on the Uses page. If you'd like to contact me or find me elsewhere, I have email and so on listed on the Homepage.

About this website

This site is built with Gatsby, and hosted via Vercel.

As far as UI goes, this site implements and extends the theme Minimal Blog by LekoArts, with the following customizations:

  • Overridden primary components (header, footer, homepage, post)
  • A few added utility components (such as a graphql optimized image-loader component and root wrapper)
  • New hooks and texts
  • Theme UI overrides (most notably, the site should automatically toggle light or dark mode depending on your device settings, if applicable)
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