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Ionic and Swift view demo iOS project published

iOS1 min read

As a quickie demo, I've added this project to by GitHub -- Ionic and Swift Hybrid Demo iOS Xcode Project

I've published this becuase it is a concise demo of the following scenario:

  • You have an iOS app written in Swift
  • You want to specify one view in the otherwise vanilla Swift + Xcode storyboard app to be controlled by an Ionic TypeScript + Angular app
  • You want to be able to freely navigate between the swift view(s) and the Ionic v4-based view (becuse of couse you'd want navigation to work within the app and appear seamless)

I couldn't find any existing guides covering this particular scenario but its a pretty compelling use-case for teams wanting to create mobile apps that leverage a hybrid webview in an existing native codebase.

It uses Ionic Capacitor to leverage some UINavigation native API hooks to be called within the Ionic Angular App

Hybird Ionic Swift demo gif

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