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Vercel is awesome

Site1 min read

I've switched to deploying with Vercel after doing some dependency updates on this site✧, and Vercel is an absolute marvel in terms of UX for deploying code. As long as your site uses one of the stacks it supports, it is seriously amazing. I literally created an account and had my site online within 5 minutes, after spending a few hours debugging Docker and Traefik settings and realizing it may be time to simplify✧✧.

Vercel deploy dashboard

✧ If you are really curious: Look at this package.json diff screenshot. Yes, this was a little painful but there is so much great frontend tooling out there, it is worth the effort to keep up to date with it! Normally I prioritize major version updates as they come out (within reason) to avoid this sort of big jump.

✧✧ Traefik to be clear was rock-solid and even managed auto-renewing my free SSL certs for years without interruption, but then some config clearly aged out, it needed a revamp, and my Ubuntu DigitalOcean droplet was becoming overkill for this site.

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